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Ron Dailey Writes Love Poetry in All His Novels...The Only Novelist to Do So

Intriguing Tales from a Romance Author

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Though he specializes as a romance author, Ron Dailey has a diverse bibliography. Crossing all genres, Ron Dailey captures your attention on every page. From romance to mystery novels, Ron writes gripping tales that you won’t be able to put down. He has written the following novels: Pockets of Love, A WWII romance, You Have the Right to Remain Silent, a Detective Suspense, Rattlesnake Suspenders, a mind-blowing Time Travel Romance, Black Moon, a Romance Thriller, and A Doll Without A Face, a Detective Thriller.

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As a romance poet, Ron Dailey is the author of Forever My Dove, a unique and extraordinary collection of wholesome love poems not offensive to anyone. Forever My Dove is the ideal wedding present, valentine's present, a present for a friend, sweetheart, or a love one. Need help in choosing a wedding vow, look no further.

Many cancer patients have enjoyed reading Forever My Dove because of the comfort it provides to the heart. Please review some of these love poems while on his site. You can also order Forever My Dove, which has gone nationwide, and has received fanmail from 11 countries.  

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Song & Lyrics

Song & Lyrics

Captain Ron has written and recorded over 2,100 songs in less than 8 years.  He writes many modern and traditional country songs, rock and Latin rock, blues, gospel, comedy, and Island type music.  Five of his CD's are available now on this Webpage.  Ron has enough recorded songs now for 160 great CDs, and writes and records five to ten songs a week.

Ron Dailey's goal is to be recognized as a number one songwriter either through his band called "Looking Up" featuring Michael Chauncey and himself, or to write songs in all genres for recording artists who are already acclaimed.  To hear samples of their music, click below.  

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About Ron Dailey, Novelist & Poet

Ron Dailey, Novelist and Poet in Perry, Georgia, is a romance author who writes gripping novels and emotional poetry. His work spans a variety of genres, including detective thrillers, historical romances, mystery, romance, and time-travel. Currently, he has two novels, You Have The Right to Remain Silent and Pockets of Love that have gone nationwide. You can order You Have The Right to Remain Silent, Pockets of Love, & Forever My Dove from this website today.

Ron began writing love poetry and songs in the 1970s, and his poems and novels come from his heart and own life experiences. He truly enjoys the ability to touch the emotions of every reader. Be certain to review the poetry samples on the Poetry Page, and novel samples on the Novel Page.

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Ron Dailey

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Turn to "Forever My Dove" to find the perfect wedding vows!

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